Hopper: from office to office

It's all been taken care of: from recognizable bikes, smart locks and a user-friendly app, to excellent service and maintenance. The Hopperpoint shared bike concept helps you and your colleagues on a sustainable path. Whether it's for the daily commute or for that business appointment in the city center: there's always a Hopper at your service.

Within budget 

With the Hopper you and your colleagues travel very cost effective. For example, you can save a lot on parking costs in the city center. The shared bike costs a maximum of 10 euros per day.

Saving you time 

With a bike you'll never be in traffic jams, not even during rush hour. Moreover, you don't have to drive endlessly through the center to find a parking place. All this time can be used more efficiently.

Healthy and sustainable 

Outdoor exercise is good for your physical and mental health. In addition, the Hopper is a clean alternative to the car. In this way Hopper contributes to corporate social responsibility.

Ready at all times 

Hopper is always available: at the right time and in the right place. This is due to good service and maintenance and an effective rotation system. The app also allows you and your colleagues to book a Hopper.

Hopperpoint's possibilities

Hopperpoint offers organizations a complete solution for a sustainable and practical shared cycling system.

Hopperpoint's possibilities

As said, it's all ready. And there are plenty of other possibilities as well. Think of other types of bikes, such as the e-bike or e-mountain bike. Or the use of the lock and app for bikes that your organization already has.

Thanks to Hopperpoint's bike lock, you don't need any special bike racks, and using bike keys is a thing of the past. It couldn't be much easier, could it?

Are you curious what Hopperpoint can do for your organization? Please contact us for an exploratory talk.

Highlight: 300 bikes for the last mile

Under the name Bravofiets you will find 300 shared bikes at bus stops, business parks and central locations in Tilburg, Den Bosch and Bergen op Zoom.

Highlight: 300 bikes for the last mile

The three cities each have 100 bicycles, divided over 10 stations. For Arriva, Hopperpoint takes care of 'the last mile' of travelers on public transport. The shared bikes are there for business users, residents of the cities and recreational visitors.

Hopperpoint supplied all the shared bikes. The bikes are equipped with a - in-house developed - smart lock that enables management and use via the app.

Branding on Hoppers

Hopperpoint is a smart choice for organizations that want to increase their visibility.

You'll see the Hopper in more and more cities: in the city center, at prime locations and at all kinds of companies and government institutions.
The branding on Hoppers, of course, immediately creates strong local visibility.
With Hopperpoint you give a new impulse to your sustainability goals. And that is something to be proud of!