This is Hopper...

...the bike you share. Hoppers are comfortable, well-maintained city bikes that you use temporarily. You'll find them in centers, at prime locations and at companies in ever more Dutch cities. This shared bike is durable, economical and good for your health. Wherever you go, Hopper completes your journey.


Totally flexible

Hopper is there for you if you need it. You pick up your bike at a Hopperpoint and bring it back to the same or different Hopperpoint. And after you, someone else will take the Hopper on the road.

All-in-one app

In the app you will find Hopperpoints and the number of available Hoppers. You can also book a Hopper if you like. Picking up a shared bike, an overview of your rides and your costs: all that can be done with the same easy-to-use app (in iOS and Android).

No subscription

Not using the Hopper for a while? Then you don't pay for it. You don't need a subscription to use a Hopper when it suits you. If you use a Hopper, you pay €1,00 per 30 minutes. If you lock the Hopper outside a station, you only pay €0,50 per 30 minutes (you still rent the Hopper) and for a whole day you only pay a tenner at the most.

This is why you use the Hopperpoint app

This is why you use the Hopperpoint app

Find Hopperpoints

With the app you can quickly find all Hopperpoints where you can pick up and return a shared bike. You'll also see the number of bikes available and you can book a Hopper just to be sure.

Click! Let's go!

Unlock your Hopper with the app.  Do you want to temporarily park your shared bike? Then lock it and unlock it with your app. Do you want to hand in your Hopper at a Hopperpoint? Lock it at a Hopperpoint, then you automatically end your ride.

Info and costs

In the Hopperpoint app you will of course also find your profile settings, your usage reports, your costs and any other information you may need.

Hopperpoint locations

Here you can find all Hopperpoint locations. New locations are added regularly, so keep an eye on this site or the app.

Our clients and partners

Hopperpoint and the WeMobile Sharing Solution

Hopperpoint uses the WeMobile Sharing Solution. Want to know more?

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