Hopperpoint and VelopA declare their love for each other…

VelopA will be representing Hopperpoint in the Benelux countries as its exclusive partner for the Hopperpoint automated bicycle sharing systems.

VelopA is a supplier of street furniture, bicycle parking solutions and shelters. The automated bicycle sharing system Hopperpoint is a great addition to the VelopA range and is perfect for a market changing from possession to use.


For many years the reduction of CO2 emissions has featured high on the agenda of many cities. All the same, employees are still habitually driving to appointments, with the extra expense of travel and parking costs. While they could just as easily have hopped to the meeting by bicycle.


With the Hopper, the share bicycle, a tangible answer is provided for sustainable mobility. Hopperpoint is a proven concept and from now on VelopA is the exclusive distributor. With a Hopperpoint, an important contribution is made to the rapid reduction of the use of cars in urban areas, improvement of air quality, the increase of the attractiveness of the city, the reduction of parking congestion, reduction of travel and parking costs and the stimulation of a healthy lifestyle for employees.


Through an app it is easy to see real-time how many Hoppers are available. And with the Hopperpoint app the Hopper can be reserved and released. The Hopper bicycles are easily recognisable and unique, because they can be provided with your own company name and/or logo. The system is completely automated. Through 24/7 support the Hopperpoint and bicycles are maintained, cleaned, repaired and, if required, replaced. In addition, data is generated that clearly maps out the number of trips, bicycle movements and consumption peaks.


This is how VelopA and Hopperpoint together are striving for a more beautiful and cleaner living Netherlands, with a bicycle sharing system that is in tune with the spirit of the times. Want to know more? Visit velopa.nl/hopperpoint and hop on!