Hopper from office to office

used by local and international businesses and employees.

  • Inexpensive trips

    Your employees travel a lot cheaper with the Hopper. There are no initial costs, fuel costs and parking costs. A Hopper can be used for a maximum of 9 euros per day.

  • Always available

    Hopperpoints work with an effective rotation system. As a result, there is always a Hopper available. Moreover, Hoppers can easily be reserved with the app.

  • The healthy choice

    Exercise is good for you! Especially outside. A few rides on the Hopper every week contributes to this. Also, the use of the Hopper contributes to a habitable environment.

  • Reduce travel time

    In the city center, a bicycle is often faster than a car. For example, your employees don’t need to find parking spaces. Moreover, they don’t get stuck in traffic, not even during rush hour.

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Your very own branded Hopperpoint and Hopper bikes?

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Hopperpoints, automated dispensing points with 12 Hoppers, are located at companies and various prime locations in the city. Hopper stands for sustainable mobility. By frequently using a bike, employees improve their lifestyle and they contribute to savings on travel costs and parking. In addition, companies can increase their local visibility through branding on Hoppers and give a new impulse to corporate social responsibility.