• Rent, ride and return anywhere and anytime

    Pick up and drop a Hopper at any Hopperpoint. Use the Hopper to travel from A to B and, if necessary, to C. Of course you can go back to A, but you don’t have to.

  • Hopper: your bike for today

    Sharing is the new owning. Hopper is a bike to share, so you pay for usage only. Hoppers are always available and perfectly maintained.

  • Your key is already in your pocket

    Book and unlock a Hopper with the practical app. The app also displays all Hopperpoints and the number of available Hoppers in the region.

  • Find the nearest hopperpoint

    Easily locate all Hopperpoints in the city with the app, check the availability, book a Hopper (optional) and plan a route.

  • Lock and unlock your bike

    Unlock the Hopper with the app, via SMS or a smartcard. Simply drop the Hopper at a Hopperpoint of your choice when you no longer need it.

  • Keep track of your expenses

    Keep track of your use of Hoppers with the summary in the app. Once a month you receive a handy (collective) invoice.

It starts in Eindhoven and Tilburg

In December 2015 Hopper Point launched her first project at Van der Valk Hotel Eindhoven. From the spring of 2016, in both cities, 10 Hopperpoints with each 12 Hoppers will be placed with companies, in business parks and at prime locations in the city. In the 36 months after placement, we will examine the effectiveness, profitability and usage satisfaction. The goal is to increase the use of bicycles for short transports and to reduce bottlenecks. If the pilot is successful, Hopperpoints and Hoppers will be added in the meantime. Furthermore, Hopperpoint projects will start in other cities.

Branded bikes

Hopperpoints, automated dispensing points with 12 Hoppers, are located at companies and various prime locations in the city.

Hopper stands for sustainable mobility. By frequently using a bike, employees improve their lifestyle and they contribute to savings on travel costs and parking.

In addition, companies can increase their local visibility through branding on Hoppers and give a new impulse to corporate social responsibility.

Stay in the loop

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